Have questions about how NSI can help fulfill your staffing needs? From measuring success and Return-on-Investment to timing and turnover rates, you’ll find answers to the most popular questions below.

Why choose NSI over other recruitment firms?
There are at least three reasons. First, most are just that – recruitment firms… take your order, try to fill it and move on. They are not at all helpful to you in managing your nursing staff levels. We actually want to reduce your need for our recruiting expertise by finding you nurses and helping you to retain them. Second, to be frank, they don’t recruit as well as we do. Look behind the numbers of nurses they recruit for clients. You have to ask, “Were they the right nurses? Did they stay with the hospital?”. NSI has a “track record” of delivering, not only the contracted amount, but, in some cases, as much as 800% of a contract. In addition, most contracts are completed within 4.5 to 21 interview days. You could be a few weeks away from a full staffing… no one else can say that. Third, we specialize in experienced nurses; that’s one of the reasons our clients are so pleased with us.

How can NSI Nursing Solutions, Inc. ensure success?
NSI pre-qualifies all potential clients to ensure a successful partnership. NSI looks at the healthcare facility’s current nurse retention programs, nurse-friendly policies, market competitiveness and the ability of each facility to enact the practices needed to improve long-term staff retention, making NSI the solution to your nursing shortage.

What are the results of a successful NSI Nursing Solutions, Inc. assignment?
The most important are full staffing, improved employee morale, increased retention rates, improved customer service, declining callouts, reduced nurse recruitment costs, reduction/elimination of temporary agency fees, more open beds, reduced worker’s compensation costs, lower overtime usage… we could go on and on. Your success is our success… let us prove it! Call (717) 560-3863 ext 103 today.

How does NSI Nursing Solutions, Inc. measure the success of an assignment?
NSI measures success in a manner that goes beyond its contractual obligation. We utilize four important indicators to measure this success:

  • Contract fulfillment
  • Time-To-Fill positions
  • Retention rates
  • Our clients’ Return-on-Investment

What will my Return-on-Investment be?
Every situation is different. We work with you to develop your estimates. Generally, for every 30 nurses that an employer hires using NSI, that employer should realize between $1.8 and $2.3 million saved, net of replacement salaries and benefits. This is possible because (1) expensive contract labor is reduced, (2) the retention rate improves, (3) overtime is reduced, (4) workers’ compensation costs are reduced and (5) you have more open beds. NSI experience indicates that the Return-on-Investment versus fees paid to NSI ranges, on average, from 197% to 1,187% and is repaid in as little as 4.75 weeks to an average of 24 to 28 weeks depending upon:

  • Current labor expenses for your institution
  • Loss of patient revenue due to inability to staff beds
  • Costs of contract labor

Then there are the intangible returns: improved customer service; improved employee morale; declining callouts; the stability of lower turnover, and a continuum of care compared with contract labor. Click here to complete your own ROI.

When you say that NSI campaigns are about “speed and focus,” what do you mean?
This is all we do. We are not distracted by filling varying medical professions, and we do not recruit GNs… only experienced nurses. We work with a limited number of hospitals at one time, so you will have our complete attention! We find nurses in 26 to 33 days; the national average is over five (5) months. We often find nurses even quicker. A client in Arizona signed a contract for 20 nurses, which was filled in 21.8 days. NSI went on to hire 167 nurses in three (3) short months with an average experience of 14.6 years.

How many candidates will you find for a typical assignment?
About 1,130, on average, but be careful with averages… a large health system in Florida had 147 vacancies, we generated over 2,900 applicants, and completed the contract in 36 days with an average experience of 13 years.

How many of the contracted nurses do you usually fill?
All of them! In many cases we actually exceed the contracted amount. Further, if any NSI-identified initial hire resigns within the first six months, we fill that position at no additional fee to the client.

The nurses you find for us probably came from far and wide. How likely are they to stay with us?
The average annualized RN turnover rate for our clients is 6.4%; compare that to the national average of 21% (that is for multi-year turnover; for first year turnover, it is closer to 42%).

What do you do when you implement a recruitment campaign?
We do everything. We design ads, letters and emails. We put the word out by searching large databases and registry lists of prospects, sending letters to encourage prospects to apply and screen applicants down to a manageable number of those whose work ethic, experience, characteristics and skills match that of our client culture and needs. We set up the onsite interviews and communicate interview needs to each candidate… we even make all of the travel arrangements, as necessary. In addition, we help with the interview and selection process.

What is the cost structure for the hiring of new nurses?
It’s simple… we charge a flat fee per nurse hired. Regardless of whether you need 27 or 107 nurses, you only pay for us after the nurses are hired.

We are striving to achieve Magnet Status. Can you help us?
Probably. We can help you move to a level of excellence in several of the key factors in Magnet Status certification: quality of nursing service, strategic nursing recruitment and retention, nursing staff satisfaction and identifying other key ‘Magnet’ characteristics throughout your organization.

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